6K7A6219 WEBMartini restaurant is a well-established brand since 1998. We guarantee quality, good service and menus that turn our customers into ambassadors. The important measures of value regarding exceptional customer experience come naturally – it’s all about the spark in the eyes and the smiling faces! We now offer our winning concept to carefully selected partners, that give you the opportunity to save costs, as well as substantially increase revenues and results! The vision of the Martini Group is that all people present in the region should be able to enjoy the unique experience. Our goal is to have 60 restaurants in the Canary Islands within 5 years.

By sharing our expertise and skills, we offer you:

Marketing and promotion – the connection to success!

  •  Joint homepage

The Martini Group homepage will be regularly updated with news, menus, events, advertisements, bookings, photos, videos, etc. It is also used to recruit staff to each restaurant. The homepage is present at most of the social networks, for example Facebook and Twitter – and produces frequent newsletters to hotels, tour operators and similar. (Included)

  • Flyers

Our flyers contain advertisements, offers and a clear reference to the homepage. Each of our restaurants get 30 000 pcs. of flyers a year. (Included)

  • Radio

6K7A4268 webThe Martini Group chooses to work with marketing through the most attractive radio channels for tourists and locals. (Included)

  • News papers

For our marketing we carefully select the papers and magazines that are most interesting for tourists and locals. (Included)

  • Tour operators

At present, the Martini Group co-operate with Vingresor (the largest travel agency in Scandinavia), Tui Thompson and Cosmos. In the future this will be extended to the two largest agencies in countries like Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia, Ireland and Scandinavia. (Included)

  • Photo-shooting

We take the great pictures of the restaurant’s dishes, premises and other of significance. (Included)

  • Video

Video recordings of the restaurant’s dishes, premises, etc. are taken care of by us. (Included)

  • Tablecloths and napkins

The Martini Group delivers textile tablecloths (doubleset) and napkins for start, up to 40 tables (100 overcloths, 50 undercloths and 300 napkins). All these will be changed with 18 months space. (Included)

  • Regular menus based on the delicious winning concept are printed and delivered in the beginning, and will be updated by the Martini Group with 18 months space, 40 pcs. per restaurant. (Included)
  • Regular dessert menus are also printed for start, and will be updated with 18 months space, 40 pcs. per restaurant. (Included)
  • Special menus are created and printed upon special occasions over the year. (Included)
  • Christmas and New Year menus are also composed and sent to all the restaurants. (Included)

Start-up and tune in – the feeling of success!6K7A1339 web

  •  Kitchen training

The Martini Group provides you with a skillfully trained chef during one month, to organize the kitchen and train the staff in the menu with all its dishes and products. (Cost price)

  • Waiter training

The week before opening one of our trained restaurant managers comes to go through the waiting routines and the art of good service with the new staff – and stays during the first month until you, the owner, or your restaurant manager feel confidence in the role. The Martini Group restaurant manager also assists in the recruitment of staff for the dining room and bar. (Cost price)

  • Business support on higher level

The Martini Group experts give regular advice. If needed, we also bring advanced business advice to you. We share our great experience, support to capture possibilities and solve problems. (Cost price)

 Purchase and attributes – the look of success!

  • Porcelain and cutlery

The Martini Group will provide all restaurants with a joint chosen design of the porcelain – plates, dishes, coffee cups, etc. as well as nice functional cutlery. (Cost price)

  • Glasses

We will also equip our restaurants with the same type of glasses for wine, water, soda, liqueur, and so on. (Cost price)

  • Work clothes

6K7A6244 WEBThe Martini Group will negotiate with large manufacturing companies to develop a uniform for the staff in the dining area of all restaurants. (Cost price)

  • Tablecloths and napkins

For bigger restaurants, more than 40 tables, our special pricelist offers delivery of tablecloths and napkins (in addition to the 40 tables “included”) – and service of change with 18 months space. (Cost price)

  • Tables and chairs

For the purchase of chairs and tables the Martini Group will negotiate prices directly with the manufacturer, since mutual furnishings at the best price are in the interest of all. (Cost price)

Food and beverages – the taste of success!

  •  Wine of the House

The Martini Group will fabricate wine of the house with our own designed attractive company label: red, white and rosé. Quality and taste at the best price are important factors. (Cost price/Group price)

  • Raw materials and products

6K7A4268 webThe strength of the Martini Group is also determined by the negotiation of prices for raw materials, goods and products, which are ordered directly from supplier without intermediaries. All restaurants that co-operate in the chain are offered the attractive group pricelists for purchases. (Cost price/Group price)

  • Extra sales

As soon as wine of the house is delivered, you can also offer this for sale to the guests – to take home as a souvenir or a gift. This builds the brand and experience in even more ways. We also plan to produce an own range of goods for sale – delicious products which are used in our dishes and can be exposed in the restaurant, for example olive oil, pesto, olives, spices, etc. The guests can bring some of the tastes from our world with them! (Cost price/Group price)


Highlights – for inspiration, prosperity and success!   

  • We now offer our winning concept to carefully selected partners, that give you the opportunity to lower costs and save time as well as substantially increase revenues and results in short and long term!
  • You become part of the safety and joy of a powerfully growing reputable chain, can benefit from our strength, know-how and experience, as well as our engagement – that create economies of scale!
  • Your former worry about time, decisions and investments in marketing and promotion disappear – the Martini Group manages this! We will be seen in eye-catching and attractive ways almost everywhere!


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